December 12, 13, & 16

Through your gifts, our neighbors can truly experience the Spirit of the Christmas season.


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Most of the families we serve earn as little as $20,000 annually. With housing, utilities, transportation, and other expenses, our neighbors simply cannot support themselves. Some of our neighbors were born into the cycle of poverty and have been unable to escape the grip it has on them. Some do not have the capacity or resources to support themselves, and unfortunately, others have made bad choices along the way and are struggling to regain their independence. Whatever their story, we do not judge – we work together to provide dental services, food, clothes, and other social services. From there, we help them work towards breaking the cycle of poverty in which they live.

At Christmastime, we extend our services to provide Christmas for our neighbors in need. Your donation will help Seton Center provide Christmas for hundreds of families this year with food, clothing, coats, blankets, hygiene items, toys, presents to exchange, and other treats. For those who are homebound, we deliver a Christmas basket to their door.

Without your help, our neighbors will be unable to celebrate Christmas in its true glory. There will be no presents under the trees for the children; after church, there will be no chattering of adults as they put dinner on the tables; gifts will not be exchanged, nor will there be memories of family gatherings.

We ask that you consider helping our neighbors, especially the children who, otherwise, will wake up in a home void of Christmas merriment. Your gift will bring smiles to the children and fill the hearts of those who will be able to celebrate the delights of Christmas.

$500 will provide Christmas for 10 families

$100 will provide Christmas for 2 families

$50 will provide Christmas for one family

Whatever you can give will make a difference in the lives of our neighbors,and for that we thank you!

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas Season

and a

Prosperous New Year!